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DBtune and REVSYS forge strategic partnership in PostgreSQL optimization

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DBtune and REVSYS forge strategic partnership in PostgreSQL optimization

Malmö, Sweden, January 16, 2024 – DBtune, the innovative AI startup specializing in database optimization, and REVSYS, a leader in application performance and scalability, proudly announce a strategic partnership, aimed at elevating PostgreSQL performance and efficiency for organizations worldwide.

DBtune’s core technology is a fully automated database tuning service, driven by machine learning. It observes, adapts, and identifies the optimal parameter configuration for individual workloads running on specific hardware configurations. This partnership with REVSYS marks a strategic alliance between two industry leaders committed to making it easier for organizations to deliver efficient and scalable applications running on one of the most popular open-source relational databases globally.

As organizations seek optimal performance and cost from their increasingly virtualized infrastructure investments, the collaboration between DBtune and REVSYS is poised to comprehensively address this need. The partnership aims to streamline PostgreSQL optimization, providing clients with a straightforward and effective solution to a more than 40-year-old problem.

“We’re honored to have REVSYS’ endorsement and excited about the possibilities this partnership holds. DBtune’s automated optimization capabilities, coupled with REVSYS’ experience and expertise in complex data solutions, create a powerful combination for PostgreSQL users. We are committed to supporting organizations to attain and maintain unparalleled PostgreSQL performance, and this collaboration reinforces our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions to our clients,” said Dr. Luigi Nardi, Founder and CEO of DBtune.

“DBtune is a ‘must have’ solution for any large or small organization leveraging PostgreSQL. With the database management system itself seeing widespread adoption as enterprises migrate from legacy proprietary technologies or embrace hyper scaler offerings, there is an increased demand to realize the promise of improved economics. DBtune’s innovative approach to this long-standing problem space is not only something that delivers on this promise but also, a product the industry has longed for for some time. I’m thrilled to announce the partnership and have confidence recommending DBtune to enhance database performance and drive efficiency,” said Frank Wiles, Founder of REVSYS.

Media Contact:

DBtune Ellyne Phneah Marketing Coordinator ellyne@dbtune.com

REVSYS Frank Wiles President/Founder frank@revsys.com

About DBtune

Founded in 2020, DBtune is an innovative AI startup focused on revolutionizing cloud and database systems through the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The company’s core technology is a fully automated service designed to optimize databases, providing tailored solutions for specific customer workloads and hardware configurations.

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