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DBtune secures seed funding to revolutionize AI-based database optimization

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DBtune secures seed funding to revolutionize AI-based database optimization

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that DBtune has successfully closed a €2,400,000 seed funding round led by 42Cap. This marks a major leap forward in our mission to transform the way organizations approach performance optimization in databases.

DBtune’s innovative approach simplifies the tuning process for database instances using artificial intelligence. Tuning the configuration parameters is a vital aspect of database management and can have significant performance ramifications. The configuration parameters of a database affect the way the data “flows” through the application and the interaction between the underlying hardware, which is, the interaction between RAM, CPU, and disk. Through our flagship AI-based cloud and on-prem service, users can tune their database system effortlessly, freeing up valuable time for database administrators to concentrate on strategic initiatives and maximize efficiency and productivity. Thanks to DBtune, our customers reduce their computing resource requirements, bringing more efficiency to their Financial DevOps (FinOps). In addition to saving on cloud credits, our users also reduce their CO2 impact, supporting their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. DBtune’s foundation is rooted in eight years of machine learning research and development in academia, as a spin-off from Stanford University and Lund University.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to esteemed institutional investors who have contributed to our seed funding round and embraced the DBtune mission. The round was led by 42Cap (Germany), with participation from prominent investors such as Axeleo Capital (France), Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company (UK/Germany), Exxeta Ventures (Germany), JVH Ventures (Germany), as well as angel investors Kingston Duffie (US), Martin Hell (Sweden) and Peter Zaitsev (US). These investors not only recognize the immense potential of DBtune’s innovative approach but also bring valuable expertise and resources to support our next phase of growth. Thank you again to the Wallenberg Foundation, whose initial funding supported the inception of DBtune.

The successful completion of our seed round marks a pivotal moment for DBtune. With this funding, we are poised to enhance our product offerings, expand our talented team with new hires, and accelerate our growth. At present, our development and sales team comprises 7 individuals who bring a diverse range of expertise in machine learning, database and cloud technologies to our mission. Additionally, our team is strengthened by valued advisors based in both the US and Europe, contributing valuable insights and guidance to our operations. As we continue to evolve, we look forward to welcoming more exceptional individuals who share our passion for redefining database management system optimization. We remain dedicated to delivering transformative solutions that empower businesses to optimize their databases effortlessly, achieving unprecedented efficiency and performance levels.For more information about DBtune and our transformative solutions, please visit our website at www.dbtune.com.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact the DBtune team at info@dbtune.com.

About 42Cap

42CAP is a Munich-based VC, now investing out of its 4th fund generation in technology-driven B2B software companies across Europe with global ambition. The team behind 42CAP built eCircle and Hybris, two of Europe’s largest software companies, in the first internet wave with combined $1.6bn cash exits.

Core of 42CAPs investment approach is their ‘Entrepreneurs First’ conviction — working as peers amongst entrepreneurs sharing their fundamental values: conviction for technology, data-driven sustainable business models and a true passion for entrepreneurship.

About Axeleo Capital

Axeleo Capital (AXC) is an emerging independent early-stage VC, trusted and backed by entrepreneurs across Europe. With €150 million in assets under management, 3 successful fund raises so far and 13 employees, the firm has made over 65 investments across the EU, and has achieved 15 successful exits within the past 24 months.

AXC provides a unique framework for European early stage startups. It offers a comprehensive range of support, including equity investments from seed to Series B stages, operational guidance and strategic assistance. The firm boasts an active ecosystem of more than 150 high-level partners, sector experts and mentors who have been instrumental in numerous success stories across Europe and the US. AXC focuses on 3 specific industry verticals where it has a deep knowledge: i) B2B Software (incl. cybersecurity, B2B FinTech, IA, data, SaaS) ii) PropTech & Construction Tech iii) GreenTech (incl. Chemicals and Materials, Energy, Agriculture & Food and Mobility).

About Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company

Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company is a UK and German investment company founded by Andy Chung and Philipp Moehring investing in early stage startups in Europe.About Exxeta Ventures

Exxeta Ventures is the operational VC of German-based tech company Exxeta AG. We are a thesis-driven B2B software and infrastructure investor, helping European early-stage teams to build outstanding software and scale impactful products quickly.

About JVH Ventures

JVH Ventures was brought to life by Johannis Hatt, who founded companies like productsup and FaceAdNet. With more than 20 years of combined entrepreneurial experience, we support founders with everything we learned in various fields of the startup space and beyond. Our portfolio consists of more than 30 companies across various sectors with a focus on B2B and software and includes successful startups like CoachHub, Everphone and Kyte.

About Kingston Duffie

Based in Palo Alto, Kingston is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for building transformative products. His invaluable support and expertise add immense value to DBtune’s journey.

About Martin Hell

With a wealth of expertise in computer security, Martin brings invaluable knowledge and insights to the team. His guidance will bolster DBtune’s efforts in building an even more robust security stack to ensure the utmost protection for our users’ data.

About Peter Zaitsev

Co-founder of Percona and a prominent leader in the database industry, Peter‘s extensive experience and knowledge amplify DBtune’s mission. His invaluable contributions will help drive the innovation and excellence that define DBtune’s solutions.


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